Interview with a Pro – Kendra Martin

We enjoyed our interview with Megan Parks so much, that we were keen to chat to more professional photographers, and find out what inspires their creativity. Kendra Martin is a young fashion photographer based in Portland, Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest, USA. She shared with us some of her tips for making it in the world of fashion photography.


Brush Accuracy and Intensity in portrait editing

One of the things you may be concerned about when trying out Portrait Professional photo editing software is the amount of control you have over the skin editing tools and particularly what to do if the software has not improved the skin as much as you would want.


Interview with a Pro – Megan Parks

This week we have a conversation with professional photographer Megan Parks, a portrait photographer from a Hollywood family. She shares with us some of her photography aspirations, and her favorite photography moments. From her wide range of photographic skills, she gives us some invaluable ideas and advice on portrait editing.


Photo editing software to save your Christmas week

Christmas Week can be really hectic. There are so many things to do, parties, school plays, carol concerts; it can be difficult to find time to finish the Christmas shopping.

But you don’t need to worry about the photographer in your life. Whether they are professional or just starting out, photo editing software is an ideal gift that will give your loved one hours of fun.


Grandparents Day

Grandparents always like to receive photographs of their grandchildren, and why not send them some really special pictures this Grandparent’s Day.

Use your portrait retouching software to edit your best photos and use them as a special gift to grandparents this year.


Portrait retouching this Labor Day Weekend

Are you going away for Labor Day weekend? Maybe you're using the vacation weekend to get away from the city, or just spending some time with your loved ones. Don't forget to take your digital camera and capture lots of pictures of family and friends so you can have fun with photo retouching software when you return.


Make your senior portraits look magazine perfect with photo editing software

As a professional photographer, you will constantly be striving to offer a better service to your clients, and save you time and money. Here are some ways that Portrait Professional can save you time and help you offer an even better service to your high school seniors this year.As a professional photographer, you will constantly be striving to offer a better service to your clients, and save you time and money. Here are some ways that Portrait Professional can save you time and help you offer an even better service to your high school seniors this year.


Portrait retouching improves studio portraits

Portrait editing software can help improve any type of portrait, even a baby’s first portrait session. When photographing babies for a portrait shoot, you will want to make sure that the baby is as comfortable and supported as possible. You will need to be able to keep toddlers and young children entertained enough to sit in the same position for a while, and hold their focus on the camera.


Photo editing software helps you get your Exposures right

If you work in a studio all day, then you know your best lighting set up and your preferred backgrounds. You know what settings on your camera work best for the situation.

When you decide to take your portraits on location, then you have to deal with many other factors. The sun may be brighter than you expected, and you may not always get your exposures right. Photo editing software can help you make the best of the images you do take, even if they’re not as good as you were hoping.


Focus on photography editing software

If you are a professional photographer, then you probably spend all your time making decisions. What to focus on to get the best shot, how to get that shot, whether you've got the best lighting set up.

When you're shooting portraits for a living, then you nearly always want to get the person in focus first, most importantly their face. The background focus, especially in a studio setting with a plain background, is usually less important than the subject.


Portrait Editing Software To Enhance Group Photographs

This weekend could be a great time to plan a trip to the beach and a barbecue. It's also a great opportunity to try out Portrait Professional 11 photo editing software. You could get some really great photographs of friends and family this weekend, so why not try enhancing them with Portrait Professional.


Relaxing With Portrait Editing Software On Vacation

Plan your vacation trip this year to somewhere you can take some great portrait photographs. Capture some images of people and their everyday lives, either downtown or somewhere rural.

Whether you are planning an educational and cultural trip, or just somewhere to chill out and relax, there will always be a good reason to take lots of photographs. Improving your portrait photography can be an ideal way to relax while on vacation. There's no pressure, and you can delete your pictures if you don't like them.


Portrait Editing Software for Photographs for your Social Networking Profile

Having a really good photo of yourself for your social networking profile picture is important, particularly for a professional social networking site.

Many people who work in TV, film and media industries will have retouched their online profile pictures, and often many other pictures too.

But a retouched image is well within the grasp of everyone. Portrait Professional is a very easy to use piece of software, and it is affordably priced.


Photo Editing Software Girls' Night In

A really great idea for a girls night in that is relatively inexpensive and will provide hours of fun for you and your friends, is to have a fashion show and maybe some food and drinks. Take some photographs, and afterwards you can use photo editing software to retouch your images, and get an idea of how real models get to have their photos taken and retouched.


Portrait Editing for Easter Holidays

Easter is another great time of year when the whole family gets together, and it's another chance to take some great family pictures.

Whether you travel across the country to visit each other or whether you see each other all the time, it's always fun to experiment with your digital camera. If you have a few extra days of vacation, then Easter is the perfect opportunity to get together with friends or family, and take some photos.


Portrait Retouching for Corporate Photographs

As a professional photographer, one of the things you might be asked to do is to visit a local business and take their staff photographs.

There are all sorts of reasons why they might need good headshots of their staff. Corporate websites, ID cards for staff, and an identification wall so everyone knows who is who in the company.


Photo Retouching Time Saver

The first few months of the year have already slipped away, and maybe you're wondering where they have gone. There is plenty of time during the rest of these cold winter months to be trying out new things, and why not take the opportunity to learn or improve your photo retouching skills.


New Year, New You.

Instead of redecorating this year, why not brighten up your walls with some great family photos on a canvas print?

Use your portrait editing software skills to enhance your photos and make them really special. Take advantage of the January Sales and order a nice new canvas print for your living room. You can use Portrait Professional to enhance your portrait photos and ensure that the photos you display in your home are the very best views of the people you love.


Enhance The Eyes in Seconds – Eye Believe It!

If you've ever thought about trying out colored contact lenses, but think they might be a bit too dramatically different and expensive if you don't like them, try changing your eye color with photo editing software. Portrait Professional allows you to change eye color, for instance, from blue eyes to green, grey, hazel, violet, or pretty much any color that takes your fancy.


To Sculpt Or Not To Sculpt

One of the best features of Portrait Professional is its face sculpting tools. This portrait retouching software has the ability to subtly change the shape of the face and features and move them towards a more beautiful ideal. You can use Portrait Professional photo editing software to carry out portrait innovations and make the people in your photos look better.


All I want for Christmas is ... to be picture perfect

It's that time of year again, Christmas is fast approaching, and it's time to get organized.

Are you looking for a perfect Christmas gift? Portrait Professional would make a wonderful gift that would bring a lot of joy to your friends and family. Looking perfect in festive photos is now only a few mouse clicks away. Give them some photographic magic this Christmas.


Lighting up older digital images

Have you got some really good portrait photographs, where the lighting was a bit dark, or there are dark shadows on the subject? Maybe you didn't get the flash just right, but you captured the moment anyway. Use photo retouching software to relight some of those faces and bring out their natural beauty.


Hair Controls.

Have you always wanted to dye your hair a different shade but never had the confidence to experiment? With portrait editing software like Portrait Professional, you can now find out, and it doesn't have to hurt.


Enhancing Skin Tone.

It's amazing how easy it is to enhance the skin tone in Portrait Professional. With just a few adjustments to the sliders, it is possible to create portrait innovations that dramatically improve the look of the skin; whether removing blemishes or increasing a natural tan.


Engagement Photographs

A common idea in the US, and like many trends, one increasingly finding its way across the Atlantic, is for a couple announcing their engagement to have some professional photographs taken showing their lives together.