1. I have Portrait Professional version 5 or earlier, and now I want to use it on another computer. How do I do that?
  2. Does your software use a server?
  3. Portrait Professional version 6: When I try to open a picture, or change to a different directory to load a picture, I get an error message "Debugger detected - please close it down and restart". How do I fix this?
  4. Portrait Professional version 6: I have Windows Vista, and I am getting an error "Portrait Professional application has stopped working".
  5. I save my work from PortraitPro, but I can't load it into any other program
  6. Portrait Professional version 6: When I click on the start button to open a picture I see an error message, or Portrait Professional shuts down.
  7. Portrait Professional version 6: When I see the enhanced picture there are no control sliders
  8. Why does version 6 not work on my Mac?
  9. Support is ending for Portrait Professional 5 and older, and MyPerfectPicture

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