Studio Max gives busy photographers full batch automation, coupled with the highest quality enhancement

Up until now photographers had to choose between portrait software that offered full batch automation, but produced mediocre results, or software that was capable of the highest quality enhancement, but did not offer full automation. PortraitPro Studio Max means you can now have both.

batch mode

PortraitPro Studio Max offers the following unique features:

How does Studio Max work?

  1. Select the photos you wish to enhance. As many as you like. There is no upper limit.
  2. batch selection
  3. Select or create the preset enhancement you wish to set for male, female and child subjects.
  4. preset selection
  5. The system will then automatically find the faces in your photographs and apply the enhancements you have chosen.
  6. sex_selection
  7. Finally, you should check through the finished batch to make any further tweaks to any of the photos that you might wish to apply.