January 24, 2014

Anthropics Technology Ltd (UK) is proud to announce that Portrait Professional, intelligent retouching software, has won The Societies Photographic Trade Awards in The Best Professional Imaging Innovation 2013 and The Best Photo Finishing Product 2013 categories.

Portrait Professional is the world’s first intelligent portrait editing software. It is designed to speed up a photographer’s workflow. Having taken the photography world by storm, this software is consistently trained in human appearance to make retouching easier. It automatically detects faces and features (the mark-up is adjustable), and portraits are improved in seconds. The photographer maintains full creative control over the process thanks to the interactive preview of results and adjustable presets and sliders. The Best Professional Imaging Innovation and The Best Photo Finishing Product trade awards from The Societies acknowledge the power and cutting-edge capabilities of this software.

Portrait Professional has been a proud winner of The Societies Photographic Trade Awards over many years. Anthropics Technology is committed to serving photographers’ needs by constantly adding additional features and functionality to Portrait Professional, as requested by the photographers. The company would like to cordially thank those who voted for Portrait Professional in the Societies Photographic Trade Awards.

The Societies Products of the Year 2013 Trade Awards (UK) recognise outstanding businesses in the photographic industry. Voting is done by photographers who nominate companies or products that they feel deserve the recognition of this prestigious award. The Societies is the fastest growing worldwide association for professional photographers. It manages eight internationally recognised photographic organisations focusing on prime services to full-time and aspiring photographers.

Further information: www.PortraitProfessional.com.

Press enquiries: press@portraitprofessional.com.

October 30, 2013 For Immediate Release

Anthropics’ Portrait Professional 11, easy-to-use photo editing software, wins the Highly Commended status in the Best Software category in The Gear of the Year 2013 Awards by Digital Photo and Practical Photography magazines, UK.

Portrait Professional 11, available as a download from www.PortraitProfessional.com, has received the Highly Commended status in the Best Software category of Digital Photo and Practical Photography’s Gear of the Year 2013 Awards. The results are announced in the December 2013 issue of Practical Photography magazine. This is an acknowledgement of Portrait Professional’s precise retouching functionality, the industry’s leading automatic face and feature detector, the ease and speed of use and the powerful photo touch-up capabilities, enabling photographers to enhance any aspect of the face, skin or hair in seconds.

Digital Photography and Practical Photography’s Gear of the Year (GOTY) 2013 Awards are initially decided by the readers of these prestigious British photography magazines who vote for the photo gear that has truly impressed them. These votes are then added to the panel of photography experts and results are totted up to reveal the most deserving photo kit.

Portrait Professional 11 is sold as a download from www.PortraitProfessional.com and is available as a free trial.

Portrait Professional 11 wins Professional Photographer (PPA) magazine 2013
Hot One Award

Portrait Professional 11, fast and easy-to-use retouching software, has won the prestigious 2013 Hot One Award in the Image Editing category from Professional Photographer – for over 100 years the official magazine of Professional Photographers of America association.

The Hot One Award from Professional Photographer magazine, published by the world’s largest non-profit association for professional photographers, Professional Photographers of America, is highly sought-after, as it represents the opinions of some of the leading photographers in the industry.

This award is voted on by judges who are industry-leading, expert professional photographers and who are not employed by Professional Photographer magazine. Winning products are chosen for their exceptional quality, innovation, design, performance and value for price.

Portrait Professional 11 is professional quality photo-editing software that saves photographers hours in portrait retouching. Its automatic, interactive face and feature detector with a preview of results makes the retouching process a matter of a few mouse clicks. With over 200 sliders, the photographer has complete control over the editing process.

The Hot One Award is a clear recognition that portrait editing software, Portrait Professional is leading the way in portrait retouching for photography professionals.

Portrait Professional is available for trial and purchase by instant download.


The world’s best reviewed and most powerful portrait enhancing software just got faster, more powerful and even easier to use …

Portrait Professional 11 now incorporates the industry’s most accurate face and feature detector, making the software incredibly fast and easy to use, while giving the photographer unparalleled creative control.

Portrait Professional is the only portrait software actually trained in human beauty. This makes it both faster and much easier to use than ordinary photo editing software for faces.

This is because the software has analyzed thousands of photos to learn what makes people look attractive or unattractive. With this knowledge, it knows how to improve any aspect of the face. For example, if the face has a double chin, Portrait Professional's 'jaw slider' will recognize that, and automatically reduce it.

The results are fully customizable via a simple slider interface and an intelligent touch up brush, so that users can get exactly what they want. There are over 200 sliders, giving the user total control of all aspect of the face, eyes, teeth, mouth and hair.

Uniquely, Portrait Professional 11 keeps learning. The software is constantly receiving more training, so it is continually getting better at enhancing faces. And as V11 buyers will get free and frequent upgrades, their software will just get better over time.

The software incorporates a new generation intelligent touch up brush. Instead of just selecting everything under the brush, the brush actively looks for defects within its radius, and only removes the defect, leaving good skin untouched. This gives both better results and makes the brush very fast and easy to use, as accuracy is not required.

The software also contains a unique automatic 'skin regeneration' capability. Conventional skin touch up software simply filters the skin. This works ok for small defects, but fails with bigger problems. This is because when a large defect is removed, what remains is featureless skin with no texture. Our solution is to automatically 'graft in' real skin texture where the defects used to be, and this is precisely what our (patent applied for) 'Clearskin 3 ®' software does. And depending on the age and skin type of the subject, the user can even choose different skin textures to fine tune the result.

This combination of accurate automatic face and feature detection, massively increased training in human appearance, intelligent defect removal brushes, the new ClearSkin 3® technology, and additional slider controls makes Portrait Professional 11:

  • Far easier to use than traditional touch-up software
  • Much faster than traditional touch-up software
  • Capable of far and away the best portrait enhancement in the industry

What exactly can Portrait Professional do?

With Portrait Professional 11, untrained, non-specialist users can quickly and easily:

  • Automatically find the faces in a photograph and automatically enhance all the features of the face using preset effects or sliders.
  • Automatically eliminate skin blemishes such as spots or pimples leaving completely natural looking skin, however big the blemish.
  • Remove grease, sweat or unsightly white highlights from the skin.
  • Reduce or remove wrinkles and lines, again, leaving exceptionally natural looking skin.
  • Subtly re-shape different aspects of the face to make it slimmer and more attractive.
  • Adjust the lighting on the face to make it more flattering or remove shadows.
  • Brighten or change eye color, and enhance whiteness of the eyes.
  • Whiten the teeth.
  • Recolor and re-shape the lips
  • Color, thicken and smooth hair.

New in Portrait Professional 11

The industry’s most accurate face detection

Simply open any photo and Portrait Professional 11 will automatically find all the faces in the picture, and identify the key features. It offers the photographer both the convenience of full automatic face finding and full creative control over all aspects of the face, skin and hair.

face detection

The face on the left has been automatically found, marked up and enhanced

3rd generation intelligent face contouring and slimming

Portrait Professional is the only portrait software actually capable of slimming and refining the face shape, enabling you to make your subject as slim and beautiful as possible, quickly and easily.

intelligent face contouring

Portrait Professional’s new face slimming functionality has been shown to please subjects and increase sales.

There are some things that even a flattering camera angle and a well-chosen pose can't hide. If you want to slim your subject, Portrait Professional 11 can take off a few pounds and really bring out the person they would like to be - and often think they already are!

Research shows that people buy more photos if they like the way they look in them. Portrait Professional 11 is the only software that allows you to slim and refine faces in a natural way to make people as attractive as they can be.

New 3rd generation Clearskin ® skin enhancing and touch up brush

Portrait Professional also has a 3rd generation Clearskin ® skin enhancement system and touch up brush to instantly remove spots, stray hairs and other skin blemishes. Unlike an ordinary paint brush, the Clearskin™ brush actually looks for defects under the cursor. When the Clearskin™ brush finds a wrinkle, or a spot or a patch of shiny skin, it replaces the defect with real skin texture, leaving the rest of the skin in its natural state. The result is the most natural and realistic skin touch up.

skin texture

Close up of skin improvements with skin texture replacement

skin brush

Close up of the touch up brush eliminating wrinkles under the eye

New: Hair re-coloring, smoothing and thickening


Hair recoloring, thickening and smoothing

You may have already used Portrait Professional to thicken and smooth hair, but with Portrait Professional 11, you can also give your subject a new hair color. Want to add a hint of red? Or highlights? You can even break out the bleach, if you want! Add that bit of extra color to really bring your photos to life. Again Portrait Professional is the only software with this capability.

Auto detection and auto mark up of multiple faces

Portrait Professional has always allowed you to edit multiple faces in the same photograph. Now that functionality has been greatly improved. The software now detects and automatically finds the features in the faces in your images. You simply select and enhance each face. Each face remains editable in your session file and you can move between the faces, changing and tweaking each face for a perfect result.

multiple faces

Faces marked up and ready to be enhanced!

New automatic slider controls to instantly eliminate common defects and enhance features

Portrait Professional 11 now has specific slider controls to instantly improve common problems. There are now new sliders to automatically reduce eye bags, new controls for crow's feet reduction, as well as controls for cheek enhancement and lip moistening.

crowsfeet removed

Crow’s feet removed using the new skin smoothing sliders

Faster operation through optimised code

The code in Portrait Professional 11 has been extensively optimised to ensure the fastest possible operation. As we incorporate ever more sophisticated automation into the software, ensuring the software remains speedy becomes more and more important.

The different versions of the software

Portrait Professional

This is the stand-alone edition that offers all of the sophisticated face, skin and hair touch-up facilities but does not include the Photoshop® plug-in, ‘batch mode’ productivity features or the RAW file support that professional and semi-professional photographers require.

Portrait Professional Studio

Aimed at keen amateur and professional photographers, the plug-in edition, Portrait Professional Studio, works stand-alone and also integrates seamlessly with Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture and Photoshop Elements to provide all Portrait Professional 11's features without having to close your program of choice. It also works directly with RAW files for the highest possible quality results and offers a batch mode to speed up workflow.

Portrait Professional Studio 64

The premier edition of the software, Portrait Professional Studio 64 incorporates all the features of Studio and is further optimized for maximum performance on computers running 64-bit operating systems. Capable of handling the largest file sizes, this edition is for those who require the maximum quality in their work.

System requirements:

PC :
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000
  • 1Ghz CPU or better
  • Min 512MB RAM XP, 1GB RAM Vista
Mac :
  • OSX 10.5 or later
  • Intel CPU 1Ghz or better
  • 512MB RAM or more

While Portrait Professional 11 is compatible with all modern Intel Macs, it is not compatible with older ‘PowerPC’ Macs


For further information contact press@anthropics.com