Skin smoothing

PortraitPro makes it easy to deal with problems on the skin, like wrinkles or blemishes, while retaining the original skin texture. Just by moving sliders, these problems can automatically be reduced or removed entirely.

Skin enhancing isn't just for the face - you can make skin look great anywhere on the body by adjusting the skin selection automatically or using brushes. Give your subject an all over tan, and deal with blemishes anywhere.

PortraitPro also has an intelligent Touch Up Brush to make it simple give your subject a great complexion. Click on the skin where there is a problem and PortraitPro will work out what the imperfection is and remove it.

There's no need to worry that PortraitPro will leave skin looking waxy and plastic. The software has patented Clearskin© technology, which models skin texture and keeps your subject looking natural.

TOP TIP: Use the sliders to fix problems that affect all of the skin, and the Touch Up Brush on local problems like a specific spot or wrinkle.


Photo by Deb Lindley
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