World First: Face re-lighting:

PortraitPro now contains unique technology to enable you to improve the lighting in your portraits, after the event. Instead of just airbrushing away faults, you can now actually show your subject in their best light, to achieve more natural or more dramatic effects.

Improved skin enhancing:

Version 12 contains new Clearskin4™ technology which allows you to quickly and easily eliminate skin faults such as wrinkles and spots, and smooth the skin while retaining the original skin texture for more natural and realistic results.

Improved face slimming & sculpting:

Well judged face slimming makes subjects happy and increases revenues! New version 12 incorporates significantly improved face refining and slimming tools to take off the weight that the camera is said to put on.

Unique Gender and age detection:

PortraitPro now automatically detects the gender and age of faces in photographs to enable the right enhancements for female, male, or children’s faces to be automatically applied.

World’s best face and feature finder:

In order to speed up and simplify your workflow, version 12 contains the world’s most accurate commercially available face and feature finder. It has no limit on the number of faces it can find in a photograph, and detects no less than 147 facial feature points, as well as detecting the skin and hair areas.

Improved feature enhancing:

The new software offers significantly improved eye, teeth and mouth enhancement. Teeth whitening is now more natural, and there are new controls to clean and whiten eyes as well as moisten lips and add subtle yet effective makeup to eyes.

Improved skin color correction:

Version 12 of the software incorporates sophisticated new skin color correction controls to enable skin tones to be kept as natural as possible.

Four times speed improvement:

PortraitPro version 12 is four times faster than its predecessor to ensure the fastest and most productive working experience.

Automatic batch processing (Studio Max edition only):

Our top end StudioMax edition of the software not only includes the most natural and sophisticated portrait enhancement available, including face re-lighting, but also now includes completely automatic processing of large batches of photographs, so whole jobs of many hundreds of pictures can be processed automatically.

All editions are now available in 64 bit:

To ensure the best possible experience, all PortraitPro editions from standard to Studio and Studio Max are now available in 64 bit editions as well as legacy 32 bit editions, for users of older computers.

Facebook integration:

PortraitPro has now also been integrated with Facebook, so that you can either post the results of your portrait enhancements to Facebook or post the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images so that the world can see the fruits of your labors.