Portrait Professional 11 Master Series

Incorporates a whole host of improvements in portrait enhancement. It also incorporates the world's most advanced automatic face, hair and feature detector, making the most powerful portrait software now also the fastest and easiest to use.

Industry's most accurate face and feature detection

Simply open any photo and Portrait Professional 11 will automatically find any faces, including the facial features and automatically give the face exactly the enhancements you have defined. It is the only portrait software that offers the photographer both full automation and full creative control over all aspects of the face, skin and hair.

Interactive mark-up based face refining

Offers the highest performing face and feature finding in the industry, it is also the first software to let you refine and slim the face by interactively changing the markup, so you can see the effect changing the markup has on the end result in real time. This means you can interactively adjust the mark-up points until the face looks its best. This is a surprisingly easy and intuitive process, and offers the highest level of face refinement possible.

3rd generation skin processing

New 3rd generation skin processor that produces more natural and realistic skin enhancement.

Improved face contouring and slimming

Portrait Professional is the only portrait software actually capable of slimming and refining the face. The software can literally take off the weight 'that the camera puts on', making the subject look as slim and beautiful as possible.

This is because Portrait Professional is trained in human beauty. The software has analyzed thousands of photos to learn what makes people look attractive - or unattractive - and uses this information to help the photographer improve any aspect of the face.

There are some things that even a flattering camera angle and a well-chosen pose can't hide. If you want to slim your subject, Portrait Professional 11 can take off a few pounds and really bring out the person they would like to be - and often think they already are!

Research shows that people buy more photos if they like the way they look in them. Portrait Professional 11 is the only software that allows you to slim and refine faces in a natural way to make people as attractive as they can be.

Hair re-coloring smoothing and thickening

You may have already used Portrait Professional to thicken and smooth hair, but with Portrait Professional 11, you can also give your subject a new hair color. Want to add a hint of red? Or highlights? You can even break out the bleach, if you want! Add that bit of extra color to really bring your photos to life.

Improved handling of multiple faces

Portrait Professional has always allowed you to edit multiple faces in the same photograph. Now that functionality has been greatly improved. The automatic mark-up will detect and automatically mark-up the faces in your images. You simply select and enhance the faces, tailoring each to their requirements. Unlike older versions you do not have to save the improvements when you move to another face. Each face remains editable in your session file and you can move between the faces changing and balancing the enhancements at will. Faces marked up and ready to be enhanced!

3rd generation Clearskin™ touch up brush

Portrait Professional also has a 3rd generation Clearskin™ touch up brush to instantly remove spots, stray hairs and other skin blemishes.

Unlike an ordinary paint brush the Clearskin™ brush actually looks for defects under the cursor. When the Clearskin™ brush finds a wrinkle or a spot or a patch of shiny skin, it replaces the defect with real skin texture, leaving the rest of the skin in its natural state. The result is the most natural and realistic skin touch up.

The Clearskin™ brush also detects the edge of the skin and makes every effort not to go over the edge, for instance into the eye. The result is that you can work quickly and efficiently and do not have to be painstakingly accurate in order to achieve great results.

Automatic controls to eliminate common defects

Slider controls to instantly improve common problems. There are new sliders to automatically reduce eye bags and reduce crow's feet, as well as controls for cheek enhancement and lip moistening.

Community driven software development

Traditionally, software has been delivered in big new releases that happen every year or 18 months. This long timescale means that users often have to wait over a year for new features that have already been developed. It also makes it harder to incorporate the latest user feedback into the software.

We are changing all this. Portrait Professional has a large community of committed users whose feedback is vital to us. From now on we are running continuous trials with our community of users of all the new features in development, and as soon as a new feature has achieved community approval it will be immediately released.

So not only no more waiting a year or more for a big new release, but also all new features will have been community tested and refined before release. The result is better software delivered to our community faster.

And given this new way of releasing software we already have some exciting new features planned for the next few months, so keep watching this space! The best is about to get even better!


Portrait Professional Studio 11

The plug-in edition, Portrait Professional Studio, integrates seamlessly with Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture and Photoshop Elements to provide all Portrait Professional 11's features without having to close your program of choice. What's more, Portrait Professional Studio 64, the premier edition of the software, is optimized for 64-bit computers and is capable of handling even the largest file sizes. Both these studio editions of Portrait Professional 11 can handle RAW files.

All in all, Portrait Professional 11 provides a top-quality professional airbrushing tool for the professional photographer and the enthusiastic amateur alike, allowing freelancers access to the methods that have been used in the fashion and media industries for years.