• Greatly improved face enhancing function

The new version of Portrait Professional 10 has received a huge amount of new training in human beauty, and also incorporates an improved learning algorithm so now it is far better at adding attractiveness to different face types. The training is continuing, so each new release of V10 will show further improvement and future releases of V10 are free to V10 buyers.

• New ClearSkin®2 defect elimination and skin regeneration technology

Portrait Professional 10 also incorporates a significantly improved new generation of our patent applied for ClearSkin® skin enhancing technology. Unlike other skin enhancing software, this incorporates a unique skin defect "find and destroy" function, and uses real skin texture to create a far more realistic result and now incorporates different textures for different types and ages of skin. Makes it easy to make any skin look great, while keeping it looking natural - no more plastic- looking airbrushed skin!

• More and better face shaping and slimming controls

Portrait Professional 10 gives the user more control over the results with more and smarter sliders. There are new sliders to control all aspects of the nose, better eye controls, face shape controls and an "Exaggerate" slider to achieve more dramatic results when required.

• Improved brushes

The software´s "intelligent" defect selection brush has been significantly improved as have the "edge finding" skin and hair selection brushes, which automatically find the edges of the skin and hair. This means that accuracy is not required and brushing is very fast and easy.

• Child Mode

Child Mode makes it easy to make appropriate changes to children. Portrait Professional 10 has been trained to understand the enhancements that work with children, and will apply them automatically.

• Enhance Skin Only Mode

In response to many user requests, Portrait Professional 10 now has an Enhance Skin Only Mode, when the user does not want to make any changes to the shape of the face being improved.

• Better presets

Portrait Professional 10 incorporates a completely revamped set of preset enhancements that can radically speed the face enhancing process, which are designed to make it even easier and faster to make anyone look great in a photo.

• New User Interface

Portrait Professional 10 has a new interface, designed to make workflow as streamlined as possible.


New features of Portrait Professional Studio 10

Portrait Professional Studio Edition contains all the features of Portrait Professional 10, plus:

• Improved plug-in support for PhotoShop® , Lightroom® and Aperture®

Studio 10 works both as stand-alone on Mac and PC, and as a Photoshop® and Lightroom® plug-in on both Mac and PC, and now also as a Mac Aperture® plug-in. The plug-in installation process has also been greatly simplified making it now very easy to incorporate Portrait Professional into any particular workflow.

• Enhanced color profiles and extended RAW file support

Portrait Professional Studio 10 now has support for virtually all camera RAW files. And because RAW support is implemented as a plug-in, as new cameras and formats come onto the market RAW support is now added within a week or so. Allows absolute color calibration control of images that high end enthusiast and professional users require.