Face reshaping

PortraitPro is the only photo editing software that gives you the ability to subtly reshape and beautify facial features, simply by moving sliders.

We have found this unique feature of PortraitPro to be the most contentious, since some regard actually changing the shape of the face as going too far when enhancing an image. For those people, the shape sliders can of course be left at 0 and PortraitPro will not change the shape. However, before dismissing this effect as "cheating", we urge you to try it - you will be amazed that sometimes a very subtle change to the shape can lead to a dramatic improvement to the subject!

Photo by sharonmcaulay.com
Photo by carolinecastillo.com
Photo by HayuyaPictures.com

Most people will say they don't want shape change applied to photos of themselves. However, we have found that people invariably choose a photo with some shape change applied when asked to choose which picture they like the best. Here's what one of our customers reported:

I even had one of my female clients tell me that I was the best photographer she'd ever been photographed by. She said "This is the first time I've ever seen a photograph that looks like me" (It looked better). She bought almost every shot I took of her.