Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the biggest decisions you can make in planning a wedding. At the end of the day, after the ceremony is over, all you will have is a heap of memories, presents and stories to tell. But when the photos arrive, you will receive a true documentary of the full day, every important aspect of it, and if it’s what you want, all the casual, humorous moments of your special day.

Things to remember when choosing a wedding photographer

You need to remember that the person who shoots your wedding will be there with you at all of the most intimate moments of your day. You should feel comfortable and relaxed with this person around you all day, and be happy that they will be there with you. You want a photographer who can offer you a full service, edited images and great composition.

Portrait editing is a very personal and individual process, and each photographer has their own style, or they send their work to a retoucher that they trust.

This can be expensive, and you should expect to pay for the service you get. It’s worth asking what photography software they use for their portrait retouching. PortraitPro can offer a great deal of time saving and ensures that the photographer has full creative control over the editing process.

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If they spend a lot of time in Photoshop, then don’t forget that PortraitPro Studio functions as a Photoshop plugin, and could still save them a tremendous amount of time in the photo retouching process. Saving time in post processing and photo editing can save a fortune on what you might pay for a photographer.

Choose a photographer whose style fits your own. If you are very traditional, you’ll want someone who understands that. If you are a bit quirky and like to stand out from the crowd, you should hire someone who can make images that match. Make sure you find a photographer whose style of photo retouching you will be happy with. You want images that will stand the test of time, but they should still reflect your style as a couple.

If you’re going on a destination wedding, i.e. getting married away from home, consider whether you have a photographer at home that you’d like to take with you, or whether you want to hire someone from the location. If you want to take your photographer with you, you should expect to pay their travel expenses, air fare and accommodation costs, plus possibly something towards their food too. Don’t forget you’ll need to feed them throughout the wedding day too. It could save you money to hire someone local to your venue.

You should also consider whether you get the main person from the studio that you hire, or whether it is just one person in the business. You want to make sure that the work you saw that made you want to hire them, is the person that you will be getting.

If the professional photographer wants to bring an assistant or a second shooter, consider how much extra cost this will add to your price. But don’t forget that having a second person available means that your main photographer has time to capture all the right images, and your second shooter can be free to get some great candids, which the first photographer won’t have time for if they work alone.

Don’t be afraid to see a few different professional photographers when choosing one, you are hiring them to do a job, and it could be one of the biggest expenses in your wedding budget. You need to know that you will be happy with what you get.


Will they remember to photograph all the elements of the wedding? You put so much effort in to planning every last detail of the wedding, you want to know that your photographer is going to remember to capture them all too.

Remember to ask about extras that they might add on for you, for instance, do you want an engagement session first, or a trash the dress session after? How does this affect the price? Or is it a free item when you book them for wedding photography. If you have an engagement session, it does give you a chance to see if you will enjoy working with the photographer, and whether it will be a good match for both of you.

Lots to think about? Check out our Pinterest board try out PortraitPro, and see how easy portrait retouching can be.