Save money by providing your guests with disposable cameras on each table and ask them to bring their own digital cameras. Ask them to send you their photographs on CD and have the disposable cameras developed and copied to CD.

When you have gathered your favourite images, upload them to a photo editing software program and enhance your images yourself.

Portrait Professional makes portrait retouching simple and easy, enabling you to enhance lots of images very quickly and easily.

Portrait Professional has been trained in human beauty and automatically enhances your images, leaving you free to do as much further portrait retouching as much as you require.

Your wedding photography should be tailored exactly to your own tastes and who better to know this than yourself? If you only want to enhance the skin, but leave everything else naturally beautiful, then Portrait Professional allows you to do this.

If however you prefer a more enhanced look, then the photo software allows you to do this too. You can give your eyes a dazzling shine, and even change your lipstick.

The portrait editing software works for men, women and children; so your angelic flower girls and page boys can have a shining radiance too.

When you have done as much photo retouching as you like, you can then upload your images to a CD and take them for printing at the supermarket or photography shop.

As the images are all your own, you'll be free to make as many prints of your beautiful images as you want.

Try out this easy photo editing software for free. Download your free trial now.