There is so much planning to go in to a wedding. First of all you need your engagement portraits, and when you have some really great images, you are ready to get organizing your wedding stationery.

You’ll start by thinking of lists of people, and there are all those different invitations to send; you need good photographs for all of them. Make sure your photos are the best they can be with photo editing software.

Beautifully retouched images will really set the tone for your special day. Take your favorite images and use photo editing software to retouch any blemishes that you might not want on your wedding stationery. You can make your images in to something you will be pleased to look back on for many years. Make sure you use good quality card stock and a printing service that you trust.

Invitations for your Engagement party, Bridal shower, Bachelorette party, Save the Date cards, Wedding Invitations, Invitations to the Rehearsal dinner and Thank You cards for everything afterwards; they could all use your beautifully edited engagement photographs. You might even want a wedding website to keep everything up to date and in one place, as a reference guide for your guests. And you’ll need to personalize it with photographs of yourselves, so make sure you carry out a little portrait editing first.

You might want some t-shirts printed for each of the bridal party, or for the Bachelorette event. Why not use your portrait retouching skills to personalize each one with a retouched photo of the person?

You can even find decoration ideas for your reception venue using your images edited with photography software. Why not have a display of your engagement photographs, and some images showing your relationship. You can do all your own photo retouching and make sure that your images are as good as they can be.

Doing your own photo retouching can help save your budget, so try out Portrait Professional for free today.