There are so many great craft ideas and lots of them are great with photography.

You can have great fun with the kids making their Valentine’s cards. Why not get them to try out some photo editing software and make sure that their photos look the best they can.

For people photos, Portrait Pro can really show someone in their best light, with some great new tools in the latest version; all the family can learn some professional portrait retouching skills.

Valentine’s Day is a great way to show that you care about the people around you. Be sure everyone looks their best with photo editing software to make your images really impress.

Photo editing for personalized gifts

Why not treat your special someone to a personalized gift or a canvas print? Use your portrait editing software to make sure everyone in the picture looks their best. You can quickly and easily clear up any blemishes and make the images you use look fantastic.

People always appreciate a gift that shows them looking their best in a happy memory. Making a canvas print or personalizing an item is a good way to remind them of that good memory again and again.

Whether it is a work of art on your wall, or a handmade photo montage; your portrait editing software can make sure that your images come out looking great.

If you’re feeling really creative and want your photography software to do all the hard work for you, follow the guidelines for creating a photo montage in Smart Photo Editor.

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