Plan your vacation trip this year to somewhere you can take some great portrait photographs. Capture some images of people and their everyday lives, either downtown or somewhere rural.

Whether you are planning an educational and cultural trip, or just somewhere to chill out and relax, there will always be a good reason to take lots of photographs. Improving your portrait photography can be an ideal way to relax while on vacation. There's no pressure, and you can delete your pictures if you don't like them.

You can just as easily practice your photo retouching skills with Portrait Professional and you can see how far you want to go with the sliders. If you don't like it, then you can easily undo it. If you want to be more dramatic than the default settings, then you can. Plus you can make your own saved sliders so that the software will make the same adjustments the next time you use that slider. This is ideal if you have lots of images of the same person, that you know you will always want to carry out the same portrait innovations on that person.

When you get home, you can have hours more fun going through them and using your portrait editing software to enhance your portraits and have everyone looking their very best.

Then you can print your pictures, safe in the knowledge that you have made some good portrait innovations, have improved on your portrait photography technique, learned some skills with photo retouching software, and created some images that the whole family will want to keep to remember their vacation.

You could even add them to your scrapbook, or send them to your loved ones to let them know what a great time you all had.