Wedding season is well underway already this year, and we’re considering some alternative, and fun ideas to use with your portrait editing software. There’s a trend in wedding photography, for a special after the wedding session. In the US it’s known as ‘Trash the Dress’, and sometimes in the UK as ‘Rock the Frock’.

It’s popular with younger couples, and those looking for something quirky and perhaps a little out of the ordinary. It’s a fun idea, and it is often seen as a symbol that the wedding dress won’t be needed again, so it’s OK to ruin it.

Not everyone wants only posed, formal photos for their wedding album. It’s great to have some formal portraits, with portrait retouching, to make sure that everyone looks their best in all their beautiful outfits, but if you want an alternative or unusual wedding, you may also want to consider a Trash the Dress photo shoot.

trash the dress with cake

A beach is a great location for a trash the dress shoot, but other options are farms and fields, paintballing, an urban location, or somewhere else that has a special meaning to you as a couple.

You won’t have time on your wedding day to carry out a photo shoot like this; but pick another date, after the wedding, for a special Trash the Dress photo shoot, when you can spend some time, and have fun with the dress.

It could be a chance to capture some additional creative shots, perhaps with some accessories, frames, signage, and unusual angles. Using portrait editing software to carry out a little portrait retouching to your images will mean that you will still look great, even when the dress is really trashed.

As with any kind of outdoor photo shoot; only attempt shoots in safe locations, where you have been granted access.

If you want the pictures, but don’t want to actually ruin your dress, you can still create an artistic effect by shooting some images in locations, keeping the dress pristine, and then adding some photo editing effects in Smart Photo Editor.

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trash the dress at the beach