Here’s another look at a photography rule. These rules are made for breaking, but as it usually goes, it’s best to learn the rules first, so that you can break them. Improving the composition in your images is always a good way to improve your images.

Rule of thirds

This is another technique which applies in the world of fine art, and can be applied to the world of photography too.

Divide up the image in to a 3 by 3 grid, and place your main subject on one of them; if it’s a person or a building, along the left or right vertical line. If it’s a horizon, then either of the horizontal lines is good.

rule of thirds

It takes very little effort, with your photographer’s creative eye, to keep seeing your shots with an overlaid, nine square grid. Many digital cameras and smartphone apps have a function that allows you to view a nine square grid over the image. So, when you are composing your image, you can see the grid, and can place your point of interest on one of the lines. The general rule is that you want to achieve a 2:1 ratio in your image, so placing the subject on the line, draws the eye in to the point of interest.

rule of thirds

Using the grid is also a great way to check that you have the horizon straight. If you are composing an image with a horizon, for instance, sea and sky, you probably want to make sure that you have the line as straight as possible. It reduces your time required in the photo editing process, and using the horizontal rule of thirds, ensures you have a great image, you’re not just dividing the image in to half sea and half sky, one of them overpowers the other in your image, and it makes it much more emotional.

rule of thirds

If you didn’t originally use the rule of thirds in creating your image, and you have the subject in the middle of the picture, then your photo editing software can help you achieve this later. You can use Smart Photo Editor to crop an image, so that the lines fall along the point of interest in the photo.

Having people in your images is one good reason why you might be able to effectively break the rule of thirds. The people in the image tell the story on their own, and they can show a range of feelings which can make it an effective and emotional image. Positioning the people so that they aren’t looking at the camera, but in fact seem to be looking at something off camera can be as useful as positioning something on a focal point. You can make sure that the people in your images look their best, whatever they are feeling, by using your portrait editing software PortraitPro.

rule of thirds

As with any art or photography rule, it should help you achieve your goal, or message, and if this particular rule doesn’t work, then feel free to ignore it.

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