In every city in the world, there are some great opportunities for some street style fashion photography.

It’s different to street photography, though some of the principles might be the same. You are still out and about and capturing images of people on the street, but the focus is on the fashion, whether it is up to the minute or vintage.

You still need to remember to be courteous to people who might not like having their picture taken, and in taking their picture for fashion purposes, you are making a judgment on what they are wearing, whether it is positive or negative.

It is good practice to compliment people, and to ask them if they mind you taking their picture. If you take a genuinely candid shot, then you should approach the person afterwards, and check that they don’t mind you taking their picture.

The images you take can be edited with portrait editing software. Fashion magazines use photography software to enhance their images. Portrait retouching software is affordable so that anyone, whether amateur or professional can afford to have industry standard portrait retouching in their photographs.

With Portrait Professional, it’s possible to get a magazine quality, edited portrait, in just a few minutes of easy photo editing. It’s a feature in fashion magazines that we like to see what people in the street are wearing, and where they bought it.

If it’s fashion week in your city, you might manage to capture some professional models, but anyone in the street might be a willing model for your street style fashion photography. People who plan to attend the events may also be dressed in their favorite outfits.

If a person has interesting clothes, then they probably have an interesting reason for what they‘re wearing. Why not ask them if they mind sharing a story or two, if they’d like to help you with a project or be on your blog?

We’ve found some street style fashion that we like. Check it out here.

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