When shooting street photography, it’s often very fast, and there’s a ‘shoot from the hip’ feel to it. But without a great deal of practice, it can often result in mediocre images. Once in a while you’ll capture something really interesting, or find a new angle on something often photographed.

One way to turn your average street photographs into artistic images is to process them with Smart Photo Editor. You’ll be surprised how your image which seemed a bit too dark and boring can become a work of art.

Gherkin from iphone

“From this…”

Photo Editing with smart phone photos

Just because you took the image with your smart phone camera, doesn’t mean that it’s not worth processing the image with professional photography software. The technology within smart phones is rapidly developing, with more and more megapixels, and even beginning to include optical zoom.

Urban images can become far more interesting when they are processed with an artistic effect. If the image is not quite as sharp as you’d like, or as good as you’d get with your DSLR, you can still use the artistic effects with Smart Photo Editor, and the image still looks great.

Gherkin with watercolor

“…To this.”

You don’t even need to go as dramatic as turning your image into an oil painting canvas, or watercolor, Smart Photo Editor also has effects which will brighten your image, improve the color and even sharpen the details.

The effects gallery is organized to give you a range of effects for different purposes, so whether you want to get really creative and artistic, or whether you just want to improve your photo a little, you can find the effects to do this.

If you want to make a recent image look like an old postcard, add sepia and discoloring to give a vintage effect; it’s simple and easy to do. Our community of users has already created the effects and they are available for everyone to use.

Smart Photo Editor now comes as a Photoshop plugin. Try it for yourself today. Download your free trial of photo editing software today.

Gherkin before and after