All over the world, this weekend, there will be St Patrick’s Day Parades and events. It really is a weekend when everyone will want to get out to enjoy the sunshine and have some fun.

If you are having a day out with the family, or just feel like going to an event, don’t forget to take your digital camera along with you. It’s a great opportunity to get out and practice your street photography.

People wearing green, dressed in fancy costumes and getting in the spirit of the occasion will be happy to have their photo taken.

When you get home you can use your photo editing software PortraitPro to carry out some portrait retouching and make sure that everyone is looking their very best.

You can carry out portrait innovations on the photos you take, and keep some really good images for your scrapbook. Make the people in your photos look their best with your portrait editing photography software, PortraitPro.

There is an atmosphere of fun and celebration wherever there is a parade. Wherever you are in the world, there is probably an event going on in a city near you. If you are lucky enough to see a big event such as dyeing the Chicago River green, or the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New York City, then you will be sure to get some great photographs.

Chicago green

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If you are a professional photographer, there are so many ideas for a wedding couple to have green themed wedding, and children dressed as leprechauns makes a really cute photo shoot. We’ve found some great ideas for all of these. Follow us on Pinterest and check it out.