What are your plans for this year’s Spring Break? Make it a one to remember, and don’t forget your digital camera.

Whether you are following the traditional Spring Break, and heading off to Florida or Mexico for a really fab break from all your studying; or whether it is going to be a week volunteering on an Alternative Spring Break project, you can be sure of a fun filled week.

When you get back, you will want to show off all your pictures, and document what a great time you had. If it’s relevant to your classes, then you might want to keep some good pictures to show exactly what you learned on the project.

You can make sure that everyone looks their best by using portrait retouching software PortraitPro, to edit your images.

Why not keep a page or two in your scrapbook to show what you did this week? It’s a great way to remember your college years, and it might even be useful to show on your résumé what you did this Spring, when you finally go for job interviews.

Whether it was volunteering for a nonprofit or charitable organization, or just simply having a blast in Florida, make sure all your portrait photographs show what a great and useful time you had.

Use your portrait editing software to enhance your portrait photographs, and make sure you have some pictures that you will be proud to have to decorate your dorm room wall.

If you’re a college professor, running an alternative Spring Break trip, your students will thank you for using photo retouching software to make sure they look their very best. They might like their photos enough to let you use them in your promotional materials for next year’s project.

If you think you haven’t got time to edit photographs, PortraitPro Studio version 12 has a batch processing dialog and PortraitPro Studio Max version 12 has a new, advanced batch processing mode; making editing large quantities of portrait images now even easier. You can load several images at once into your photo editor, automatically find several faces in a photograph, and retouch them automatically, all in a few minutes.

See how easy it is today. Try it out here.