This week Kendra told us in her interview, that fashion photography is about breaking the rules; so it’s worth getting to know the rules of photography.

There are many different opinions on what is aesthetically pleasing, and it’s true that you can’t please everyone all of the time. But there are some basic concepts which apply in art, and also in photography.

Give your subject space to look into.

If your subject has space within the frame to look at something other than you, the photographer, it can be a more interesting picture. If the subject is not forced to look directly in to the camera, you can dramatically reduce the danger of red eye.

Most compact cameras have a setting for red eye reduction, which is a useful tool for amateurs. For professionals adjusting manually, there’s usually a flash setting to reduce red eye too. This can help if you are out of the studio, perhaps shooting street photography, and you haven’t got a full lighting set up. Further help in red eye reduction can be found within your portrait editing software. PortraitPro has tools which can dramatically reduce the amount of red eye in your images.

Last week we talked about making adjustments to just one eye. If one of the eyes in your image is obscured in any way, you can slide all of the controls for each eye individually to zero. Photo editing software can help you create a great image. Experiment with the new relighting tools in PortraitPro 12 if you haven’t got your own studio set up, or even if you have!

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