As both Kendra and Pedro have told us in their interviews, social media is a major factor in their business success. There are so many different types of social media available, that it is important to find one that matched your style and your voice, but most importantly, to find the one that your target market will be engaged with.

You can’t join all the social networks, or you won’t have time for anything else, and you won’t do any of them well. It’s best to pick a few that feel comfortable to you and suit your voice. Engage with the people that you want to target with your products. For instance, if you want to contact high school seniors looking for portraits, then sharing your images through Facebook after a shoot could be a great way for you to reach one client’s peers and friends.

You could offer them a discount or free gift if they mention you to a friend or mention you on social media. Offer something to them and something to the friend when they get their portraits taken too.

One of the ways in which you could differentiate yourself and the product you offer is to offer portrait editing as an add-on product. You can afford to offer this very, very reasonably, because your photo editing software, PortraitPro 12 now offers batch processing and even better face and feature finding.

You can now also upload an image straight in to Facebook, as PortraitPro 12 now offers Facebook integration, within the photography software itself.

To find your markets, try searching Twitter for relevant hashtags, for example; #portraits, #seniors, and your local school district name. If someone tweets at you, respond to them, answer them through Facebook, and if you have comments on your blog, reply appropriately to any responses.

Both Kendra and Pedro keep a blog and use them in different ways to reach those who might be looking for the type of work that they do. They have very different styles, just as they do in their photo retouching work; their type of blogging suits them, but their common theme is ‘documenting their previous work’.

Pinterest is known to be great at driving people to buy tangible products, so if you have some images of great portrait albums, show off your beautiful images, and use it to send people to your website.

A good way place to upload your images for sharing on social media is It gives you a place to store your images, have them viewed, track whether they’ve been pinned or tweeted, and when they are pinned, it tracks it back to you, which gives you the credit you deserve, and also the opportunity to sell your images or prints and earn money from it.

If you are a wedding photographer, why not suggest the couple create a unique hashtag for their wedding and you and their guests can use it on Twitter and Instagram, to help everyone find the images from the event. Their guests and friends and family may decide that they want to use you for their own special event.

As a photographer, of course you want recognition for the images that you take, and you should consider that anything you put online will get shared, whether it explicitly offers you the credit or not. The best way to make sure that you do always get credit, is to watermark your images before sharing them online. This can be done relatively easily with Anthropics’ software Smart Photo Editor.

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