Having a really good photo of yourself for your social networking profile picture is important, particularly for a professional social networking site.

Many people who work in TV, film and media industries will have retouched their online profile pictures, and often many other pictures too.

But a retouched image is well within the grasp of everyone. Portrait Professional is a very easy to use piece of software, and it is affordably priced.

You don't need to have a professional photographer take a portrait photograph; you can just use your own digital camera and get a friend to help you. You can take as many images as you want with your digital camera, and when you do get some that you are happy with, you can try some of them in your portrait editing software.

It is important to look your best in your profile picture, as this may be the first impression that a potential employer or contact will see. It is the image you display to the world, and no matter how private you think your account is, there is always a chance that someone will be able to view your profile picture.

Anyone can use the standard edition and in less than 5 minutes they will be editing their own photographs to the standard of a professional with many years of experience with Photoshop or other photo editing software.

If you do have experience in using Photoshop, then Portrait Professional Studio works as a plugin to Photoshop.

Even just the smallest tweaks in relighting your photo can really bring out the best in an image, and with your portrait retouching software you can swiftly and easily clear up any blemishes, leaving you with a profile picture that you are happy to show the rest of the online world.

See how you can look your very best today, try it out at www.portraitprofessional.com.