A few weeks ago, we featured a trend in photography known as Trash the Dress, or Rock the Frock. Another upcoming trend in photography in 2014, which seems to be getting even more popular both in the US and in the UK, is Smash the Cake.

No, it’s not the next wedding photography trend; it’s for Baby’s first Birthday.

Many professional photographers have started to offer this interesting new trend in baby photography, and there are many ways to do it. You could offer it as part of a package, and schedule in your mothers and babies to have a photo shoot each quarter, for the first year of the baby’s life, culminating in the final finale, Smash the Cake, for a first birthday treat!

baby smashing cake

If the parents want announcement cards for their child’s first birthday party, then it would be great to already have some professional photos that capture a point in the baby’s first year.

Photographing babies at a particular point in their lives requires good scheduling on the part of the photographer, because babies grow and change so much in the first few months, and you simply can’t afford to miss any stage. The all – important first birthday is a great moment for both parents, and something they will want to remember, and share with friends and family.

You can offer your skills, and talent in photo editing and portrait retouching, and it doesn’t cost you in time and effort. PortraitPro makes it easy, and now with PortraitPro Studio Max 12, Batch Processing is even faster.

In the Auto Batch Save Options window which you use to tell the software how to process your images, you can choose to tell the portrait editing software that all the faces in this batch are children. This way, the photo editing software will turn off all the face sculpting tools which may be used on adults, but are not needed on children.

baby smashing cake

You can also create a Preset to be used on all baby images that will only brighten the eyes, if this is all that you want to do to the child’s image. Occasionally babies suffer rashes and spots, and it’s perfectly normal, but not something you would want to remember in a professional photo. Check out the Gallery for ways to improve portraits of children and babies.

Now, with Smart Photo Editor, you can also offer the new parents some artistic and creative effects in their baby photos. Why not turn a few images into water colors, or an oil painting?

Download a trial now and see how PortraitPro and Smart Photo Editor can help your studio photography business.

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