It’s often asked, “Where do you see photography going in the future?” One of the most popular answers is smartphone photography.

Your smartphone is the one thing that you probably never leave the house without, and as technology improves, smartphones are becoming even closer to what we might expect from a dedicated point and shoot camera.

There are many benefits to smartphone photography. You can upload your images straight to social media, email them to yourself for photo editing, email them straight to a friend or send it as a text message.

PortraitPro 12 is now even better at finding faces, even so in low resolution images, such as those you might have already posted on social media. Portrait retouching is even easier with automatic face finding.

Carrying a smartphone is useful, as it’s far more discreet and less intimidating when shooting in public. You can capture images that you might have missed if you’d only had a large and slow DSLR camera with you.

Many phones also have the function of geo-tagging, which is really useful if you travel a lot, take hundreds of images, and often can’t remember where you took a picture. Geo-tagging will tell you exactly when and where you were when you took it.

You can even get additional lenses for your smart phone, such as macro and fish eye, making it even more versatile, and creative. Further creative effects can be added with our photo editing software Smart Photo Editor.

Just because you can take pictures quickly with a phone doesn’t mean that you have to do it quickly. You can very often compose an image, arrange some objects, or step in to the right place, and get the shot that you were aiming for. Having a photographer’s eye is a transferable skill, and it doesn’t matter what equipment you have, your ability to “see” a good photograph goes with you, wherever you go.

There are even competitions to enter which are entirely dedicated to smart phone photography.

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