Portrait Professional has some fantastic features to help you do a great job when you are editing your portraits.

As you become more familiar with your photo editing software, you will find that you discover new tools to make your portraits even better. One of these features is the ability to control the Skin Mask intensity.

Adjust the intensity of your portrait retouching tools

When you are editing your portraits, you may want different levels of intensity on your skin retouching, for different people, and different areas of each person’s face.

You can achieve this by using your keyboard to adjust the intensity of the Skin Mask. Select Show Skin Smoothing Tools, and zoom in to the area you wish to touch up. Click View/Edit Skin Area, and the software will show in purple all the areas of the picture that it has recognized as skin. Before you click the mouse, press any number key, 1 to 9 on the keyboard and this will alter the the intensity of the touch up, with 1 being very little adjustment, and 9 being a very intense touch up. If you start with an intensity level of 1 and keep clicking in the same area, you will be able to gradually build up the level of intensity with each click. You can adjust the size of the detector, and the size of the brush with the sliders on the control panel.

This is in addition to the Touch Up Brush which you can also use to add further skin touch up to your portraits. The size and strength of the Touch Up Brush is controlled by the sliders at the top of the window, and if you wish to undo some of your touch up, you can use the Restore Brush to reduce the amount of touch up. By altering the strength of the restore, you can control how far back you go.

These are just two of the features of Portrait Professional that work together to give you complete control over the extent of the portrait retouching that you do.

Try experimenting with your portrait editing software today, and download a free trial here.