It's amazing how easy it is to enhance the skin tone in Portrait Professional. With just a few adjustments to the sliders, it is possible to create portrait innovations that dramatically improve the look of the skin; whether removing blemishes or increasing a natural tan.

In this portrait editing software, use the skin hue and the balance hue sliders to impressively reduce redness on the skin. Make your portraits look healthy and glowing by giving them a much more even skin tone.

Anyone can easily experiment with the controls and by adjusting the sliders, Portrait Professional retouching software will easily smooth out the skin tone, as much as you want. If the skin tone in your photograph appears too yellow, this can also be balanced out with the sliders.

Why not go back through your old photographs and see if there are any that you dislike because the skin tone is not as good as you would want. You could find that those older pictures can be improved and turn them in to something you do like, by using photo retouching software such as Portrait Professional. If it is a picture you really dislike, then why not experiment with all the different tools and see how far you can go.

However, you can also choose, by using the sliders, to also keep your portraits looking as natural as you want. If you don't want to completely remove all skin blemishes, but to keep a more natural look, then you can. You can easily gain a more natural look to the skin by reducing how far you go with the skin smoothing slider. The lower you go the more natural the skin becomes. Portrait Professional photo enhancement software gives you full creative control.

With Portrait Professional photo editing software, it is entirely up to you how far you go with enhancing the skin tone. You can smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of the pores, or you can leave it as natural as you like. You can have fun with your photo retouching software and learn how to get the results that suit you best.