We’re thinking about you and your business marketing this week, and if your main business is senior portraits, it’s important to keep ahead of the competition. It seems like Back to School comes around faster and faster each year, and you have to start finding your Class of 2015 seniors as soon as possible. Perhaps you’ve already booked some appointments, but what if you haven’t? How do you get this year’s seniors through the door?

One of the most important things you can offer your seniors is skin retouching. The teen years are the most self-conscious ones, and no one wants to remember their high school senior year with teenage blemishes. Your photography software can save you so much time and effort, leaving you more time for your marketing, and with more time, you can also schedule in more shoots. You can, in just a few moments, give the high school senior the confidence they need to have their senior portraits taken. You can do some portrait retouching with Portrait Pro, and give them some images that they will be proud to keep, and look back on.

As it’s still very early in the senior portraits year, you’ve got time to offer some special deals. Your most expensive packages could include additional changes of clothes, locations, and a professional make-up artist for girls. For boys you can offer additional locations and props, for instance if they play a sport. But you can also offer them portrait editing, and the same peace of mind, that their images won’t be ruined by teenage blemishes.

Perhaps a second shoot in a different season could be an add-on product; you’ve got plenty of time to offer this. Having a photo-shoot where the senior can bring their friends and siblings could be another extra to add on. When they’re going off to college, perhaps across the country, your images can help them to remember their friends and their good times.

Teens are highly influenced by the opinions of their peers, so in order to drive your early sales, why not offer a free or a much reduced cost package to some influential individuals who will promote your brand and your photography throughout their senior year? You need to offer something creative, and interesting, that the high school student will want; something unusual, and at the same time, cool. They will be happy to tell their friends, and also to share your images on social media. Word of Mouth and personal recommendation is still the best way of finding new clients, whether it’s through social media, or in person.

Earlier this week we talked about the power of Pinterest in getting your work found but Pinterest boards can also make great mood boards for generating ideas for a shoot. Pinning your work makes your images shareable, with a direct link back to your website or blog, which can lead to purchases and new business.

You can offer a range of products throughout the year to your seniors. Now is the time to offer Christmas cards and New Year’s calendars; to ship in time for Christmas 2014, and New Year 2015.

When it’s time for them to graduate, then you will already have the images ready, and can offer Graduation announcement cards, all you have to do is to check with the Senior what their college and future plans will be.

Try out Portrait Pro today, and see how much time you can save on teen blemish retouching.