Anthropics Technology is known for its world class, portrait editing software Portrait Professional. Did you know that we also make fantastic, creative photography software Smart Photo Editor? With a wide range of creative effects, that are so easy to apply, anyone can create artistic, and professional quality images in minutes.

Now offered as a standalone and as a Photoshop plugin edition, Smart Photo Editor is easily integrated into any workflow. Professional photographers who love their Photoshop software can now save even more time on creating stunning creative effects.

Portrait photographers who want to offer that extra, creative level can now do so. Here’s how:

  • First open your image in PortraitPro, and carry out your portrait editing as you require.
  • Save your portrait editing.
  • Open the image in Smart Photo Editor photo software and start browsing a world of stunning effects.
  • Add overlays or underlays, quickly and simply.

Alternatively, open your image in Photoshop, and then switch between each Photoshop plugin, as you wish.

If you have an interesting image, with a fairly boring sky, you can replace the sky in your image with a more interesting sky using the composite tool. If you have a great picture of a person, why not show them somewhere interesting or exotic?

You can turn any scenic landscape into a work of art. Our community-created gallery of effects contains many different styles including water color effect, oil painting and pencil drawings.

Professional photographers have already found that PortraitPro can save them hours of time in portrait retouching, but now they can discover many new creative effects.

If you’ve still got final senior portraits to take for the class of 2014, you can get great results on portrait retouching with PortraitPro 12.

If you want to offer something really creative to next year’s seniors, try out Smart Photo Editor now and see what great effects you can achieve in just a few minutes.