One of the best features of Portrait Professional is its face sculpting tools. This portrait retouching software has the ability to subtly change the shape of the face and features and move them towards a more beautiful ideal. You can use Portrait Professional photo editing software to carry out portrait innovations and make the people in your photos look better.

It may be that you don't like the thought of changing the shape of a face, but Portrait Professional has been trained to know what makes a person more beautiful. The photography software is able to follow these rules, to move the face towards a more conventionally beautiful shape, whilst still retaining the integrity of the subject. It still looks like the same person, just a little better. If you still aren't keen on reshaping the face or the features, simply set the face sculpting sliders to zero, and Portrait Professional will stay out of shape changing.

The sliders cover the forehead, jaw, nose, neck and eyes and mouth controls, so you can control exactly which aspects of the face the portrait editing software changes, and how much it does. You might want to only slim the jawline of the person, most of us don't like to see a double chin. Some people don't like the shape of their nose, and you can alter this too. You can leave the rest exactly as it is if that is what you want to do.

Professional photographers often find that subtle portrait editing in their images leads them to receive better sales in their prints. Although clients may say that they dislike the idea of altering themselves, they do like the enhanced images.

You can be as dramatic as you wish with the face sculpting controls. But if you really prefer to leave the subject in their natural shape, then the shape sliders can of course be left at 0 and Portrait Professional will not change the shape. It is entirely up to the person carrying out the photo editing, just how far they take the face sculpting, and if you really like it, then the control can be used to exaggerate all the changes that you made.