Christmas Week can be really hectic. There are so many things to do, parties, school plays, carol concerts; it can be difficult to find time to finish the Christmas shopping.

But you don’t need to worry about the photographer in your life. Whether they are professional or just starting out, photo editing software is an ideal gift that will give your loved one hours of fun.

You can get them either Portrait Professional or Smart Photo Editor, depending on what their style and preference in photography software may be. Both are available as an instant download, and both can be purchased in just 5 minutes, you can also get a gift certificate, and it’s easy to print out or email to your recipient.

Photography software for creative people

If your recipient is artistic and creative, then they will love Smart Photo Editor, and all the great effects that can be created. You can add back grounds and sky effects, enhance landscapes and faces, and turn a photograph in to an oil color or watercolor, or even a pencil drawing.

Photo editing software for Professional Photographers

But if they are a more traditional portraitist, then they may prefer portrait editing software, Portrait Professional, for efficiently retouching their portrait photographs. It is quick and efficient at removing blemishes and highlighting hair. Improving skin tone and evening complexion is all made easy and you have full control over how much change is made.

Time running out?

If you’re reading this and it’s already Christmas Eve, don’t panic!

As it’s an instant download, you have still got time to purchase online, and receive the link to download the software. You can also get a gift certificate for your loved one, and they’ll never know how late you ordered it.

If you want to try them out first, you can try Smart Photo Editor here
and Portrait Professional here.

If you want a gift certificate, make sure that when you receive your activation token, you create and print a customizable gift certificate. Buy it here.