Photo editing software Portrait Professional 11 has had some great reviews in the international press recently.

German magazine Photoshop (February 2013) gave Portrait Professional five out of five stars in their test. Portrait Professional is very popular with Photoshop fans as the Studio edition of the Portrait Professional family works as a Photoshop plugin.

Computing magazines PC Go (April 2013) and PC Magazin (March 2013) have both rated Portrait Professional retouching software highly, giving it 92 points in their reviews.

In the UK, Photoshop Creative (issue 96) has awarded Portrait Professional their Editor's Choice award stating that it is "the most comprehensive portrait retoucher" they've seen. They have also said that "it's hard to fault this program, as the level of control given, along with the number of sliders available, provides unparalleled accuracy and attention to detail."

What Digital Camera (April 2013) were impressed with this photography software, saying: "Overall, Portrait Professional delivers a comprehensive level of control for a bargain price, and its intuition is impressive".

The Royal Photographic Society Journal (March 2013) says, "If portraits are your passion, this is a package to consider seriously".

Photo Professional (issue 78, April 2013) tested this portrait software and concluded: "Portrait Professional 11 is simple to use, with exceptional levels of control. Anything from subtle tweaks to massive changes is achievable in a few clicks".

Practical Photography (Spring 2013) also liked the software and said that "the clean interface and advanced set of features makes creating professional-looking portraits quick and easy".

This portrait editing software is highly recommended for both amateur and professional photographers.

In the USA, Photo District News (PDN - February 2013) have said "anyone who shoots headshots, portraits or weddings for a living should consider adding Portrait Professional 11 to their workflow -if they haven't already - because it's bound to save you tons of time usually spent fiddling in Photoshop".

Shutterbug Magazine (March 2013) said: "The latest version of Portrait Professional features automatic face and feature detection that make retouching fast and easy".

All around the world, people are using this fantastic photography software to save them time, and to create beautiful portraits. Download your free trial today and see what they are all talking about.