In some professions it is useful to have an online résumé, and on it you might want to have a portrait photograph of yourself. This can help identify you to a potential contact or employer. It could be important to distinguish yourself from someone else with the same name.

If you work in an industry that relies on your appearance, for instance acting or modeling, then it could be appropriate to include a headshot or two with your résumé. When you work in the public eye, you probably want to always show yourself at your very best. Social Media and other work related websites should have your best images too.

You will want to project the best image of yourself for these pictures, so use a good photographer to get the best shots, and use portrait editing software to subtly enhance your image. Professional photo retouchers will charge a great deal, but may not always do what you would like.

With Portrait Professional, you have complete control; you don’t have to take it too far. It is intelligent enough to not dramatically alter the image, although of course this is possible. However, this is where you come in, and you can adjust as much or as little as you like.

Red eye removal is a great improvement to any portrait photograph, and this is easily done with photo editing software. You may also want to remove any blemishes and dark circles under the eyes. Both are very easy to do, and it is still a very natural version of you in the picture.

You probably don’t want to take your editing too far when it is to find work based on your appearance, as you won’t look the same when meeting an employer. However, it is reasonable to want to remove blemishes from a photograph that is on display publically, as it is online.

Try it out for free today, and see how easy portrait editing is.