A Veterans Day service is an ideal opportunity for you to practice your portrait photography.

It’s a chance to be proud of the men and women who have served and continue to serve in the Armed Forces. It’s also a day when people like to have their photograph taken because they have dressed up for the occasion.

You will have people looking their best, in their best uniforms and at their most patriotic. And you can use your photo editing software to make their eyes sharp and bright, to give their hair some extra shine and their skin a healthy glow.

It’s a great chance to experiment with your portrait retouching skills. You can get some really good photos of military personnel, politicians and veterans all in their best uniforms and when you get home you can edit your best ones with Portrait Professional.

Improve your images with portrait editing software

You can try out the photo retouching software for free, and you will be amazed at how, with very little effort you can quickly achieve some really great results.

The portrait editing software can be left to use its own default settings, meaning that you can quickly edit a large number of images. So don’t be afraid to take lots of pictures. The more photos you take, the more likely you will get good photos and the better the images you will have to edit when you get home.

If you already use Photoshop as your main photo editing software, Portrait Professional fits in to your usual work flow as a Photoshop plugin.

It might be a busy day but a little portrait retouching could really improve your images. Use your photography software to try out some portrait innovations on the pictures you take of family and friends today. Try out Portrait Professional here.