The great skill of a portrait photographer is to show their subject in the most flattering way possible.

The professional photographer spends a lot of time in adjusting the settings on their camera, posing the model and making sure they are in exactly the right setting, particularly making sure that there are no unflattering shadows cast.

This is all part of the professional photographer’s job, to show the client at their most pleasing angle.

Having a professional makeup artist can make a huge difference to a model’s appearance. There is no airbrushing required, just a dramatic touch with the foundation brush. Professional photographers and models have been using this technique for years.

Now with portrait editing software it is possible to relight a portrait photograph, and showing a client in their best light is the job of the professional portrait photographer. With photography software you can remove unflattering shadows and show the person in a good light.

Of course, what is flattering for a woman is different to what is flattering for a man. A good light set up for a woman might be to have a very flat light, to even her skin tone. Adding a modeling light to accentuate high cheek bones can add a more dramatic look. For a man, the dramatic look usually works best.

If you do want to get creative and go for a Hollywood glamour look, you can accentuate those shadows, make the light even brighter, and the shadows even more dramatic.

If you don’t have your own studio, you don’t need to have all the top of the range equipment. Your photo editing software can do a lot of the hard work for you. When the photograph was taken, perhaps the natural light wasn’t as bright as it could have been; now you can add extra light and remove those unflattering shadows.

Whatever the purpose of the photograph, people always want to show themselves in their best light. With Portrait Professional 12, now you can too. Try it out today.