Portrait Professional saves you hours in retouching your portrait photographs. So if you take portrait photographs for a living, you will recognize that the time you save in editing your photographs can be invaluable. You might only spend a few hours shooting the photographs with a client, but you want to present to them your best work in a timely manner. But it can take you hours in Photoshop to retouch everything that you want to edit.

Anthropics’ professional quality portrait editing software can help you achieve great results in a lot less time.

As a Photoshop plugin, your photography software fits right in to your usual work flow. But if you haven’t got time for Photoshop, Portrait Professional works just fine as a standalone program too.

If you save yourself hours in photo editing, you will be able to take another booking, and increase your profitability.

Portrait Professional is a one off cost. This means that you only need to purchase the software once, and you can use it forever, or until you want to upgrade to a newer version. The hours you save in editing will ensure the initial outlay will soon be recouped through all the extra appointments that you will make. It could even pay for itself in one shoot.

You may want to purchase an upgrade to the latest version, so if you do want to upgrade then make sure you follow the correct procedure for upgrading.

In the software, Click on Help and Check for Updates, and if there are any minor updates available, you will be able to download them. If there is a new Version available, you will be taken to the correct links to buy the appropriate upgrade.

Upgrading to the latest version ensures that you have all of the latest features available. Our team is constantly working to bring you the latest in photo retouching.

If you have any queries about purchasing an upgrade, then contact our great Customer Support team, by opening a ticket here.