Just as you need to practice extensively to get to know your camera well, you also need to practice to get to know your photography software, so that you get the most you possibly can out of it.

Portrait Professional is very simple to use, and you will get good results in your first few minutes of using the portrait editing software. But people are perfectionists and photographers even more so. If you are a professional photographer, your skills at portrait retouching are hugely important to your business. You value the time spent learning your camera inside out; knowing exactly what settings to use to get the best results. You should equally value your time spent practicing with your photo editing software.

Learn to use your Photoshop Plugin

You’ve spent hours learning to use Photoshop, so don’t underestimate the power of Photoshop plugin Portrait Professional Studio. It is an enormously versatile tool, which can be used as much or as little as you like. The software becomes even more powerful in the hands of a skilled user. It is most effective when the user knows how much to adjust, and when to make the effects a little more subtle. The more time you spend experimenting with all of the 200 sliders, the more you realize how powerful it is.

Give your clients the portrait retouching that they want

Sometimes your clients will want more dramatic retouching, and Portrait Professional can do this well. However, it’s up to you to turn off the face sculpting, and to reduce the strength of the sliders if your client wants a more natural look. The power of Portrait Professional is that it achieves great results at either end of the portrait retouching spectrum.

Practice makes perfect, and it is also true with portrait editing software. The more portrait editing you do, the better you become at it; you learn what you like, and you learn what looks best. Better still, you learn what your clients like best.

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