Every parent thinks that their children are beautiful, and of course they are. But whether you are a professional portrait photographer, or a loving parent, you can certainly enjoy the benefits of using portrait retouching software.

Children have so many bumps and bruises and blemishes throughout their early years, that it is usual for them to have some blemishes in their photographs.

But you don't want to remember them on those precious photographs that you will keep for many years to come.

As a professional photographer, maybe taking school portraits, you know that parents will not want to buy a photograph of their child to keep and send to the family, if the child has an unsightly cut or a scratch. School photographs come around just once a year, which is a long time apart as children grow so quickly.

So if you can take your school photographs, and then carry out a little portrait retouching, just to make those transient marks disappear, then you will have some very happy parents, who get to keep their child's perfect school photos for many years to come.

Portrait Professional does come with some very impressive tools for slimming and contouring the face, but with a young child, this is hardly necessary. Right from the beginning, you can tell the photography software that this is a child's face, and it will turn off the face sculpting tools it would use on an older person.

You can then use all the other controls to enhance your portrait photograph, retouching the skin and eliminating all those blemishes and bruises that you don't need to be reminded of in 10 years time. Your portrait retouching software will give you wonderful images and enhance your child's natural beauty.