Wedding Photography comes in many different styles. Photography styles are as richly varied as are Photographers and their clients.

The documentary, photo journalistic style is a popular choice for wedding clients who want to get away from the traditional wedding. It offers you a much more creative and relaxed style. But generally, most people do want certain key images, and they want them to be perfect.

Make sure your clients like your style

As a photographer, it is important that your clients understand your style and whether what you do will match with what they want. If they want lots of highly edited pictures, then they must understand that the hours of editing you put in are expensive, as it is time consuming for you.

But with Portrait Professional on hand, portrait editing is made so much easier, faster and now it will automatically find faces in your portraits and retouch them as you want.

When you find a combination of sliders that works for a particular person, or a combination that works well every time, then you can save even more time by adding it as a Preset. The photography editing software will remember what you set your sliders at, and position them where you want them, in just a few clicks.

Portrait retouching software saves you time

You can still charge appropriately for your photo retouching time, as you may need to carry out some other adjustments in Photoshop. However, as a Photoshop plugin, Portrait Professional Studio Edition is ideally suited to fit in with your usual Photoshop workflow. It will save you so much time, you’ll be able to spend longer with your clients and still have time to do all those things associated with running your own business. A bit of extra marketing can’t hurt. Plus, time is money, and Portrait Professional will certainly save you time.

See how much time Portrait Professional photography editing software can save you, try it for free here.