If you are a professional photographer, then you probably spend all your time making decisions. What to focus on to get the best shot, how to get that shot, whether you've got the best lighting set up.

When you're shooting portraits for a living, then you nearly always want to get the person in focus first, most importantly their face. The background focus, especially in a studio setting with a plain background, is usually less important than the subject.

Photo retouching also involves a lot of decision making, how much or how little to do. With Portrait Professional, the decision is initially made for you. The portrait retouching software automatically does what looks best, and then you can tweak it to your heart's content. You will very usually be very happy with what your portrait editing software does automatically, meaning that you save time, and move on to your next image very quickly.

You can make all the decisions you need to with your camera, take all the time you need to get the best shot; choose your settings and compose your angle.

When you've got the best images you can, then you can be sure that your photo will be the best it can be with very subtle enhancement from your portrait editing software.

When you know you've taken a great photo originally, then you can be free to be a little creative and try out some really interesting portrait innovations with your software. Perhaps only removing blemishes from your subject's skin, or enhancing their hair color a little; just the minor tweaks to ensure your subject looks their best.

Happy customers will keep coming back to you time and again, if they like the way they look when you've taken their picture, then they will certainly want to buy some of your prints.

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