Offering new services to wedding clients is a great way to keep your edge and build your unique business. Photo editing software can help you do this even better than before.

Use a second photographer to offer some additional benefits to your wedding clients

Why not offer to set up a second photographer at the reception to take a studio style portrait photograph of each of the wedding guests. You could have them retouched, edited and ready for viewing straight after dinner. You can make this possible with photo editor Portrait Professional Studio, because it works so fast. With version 11’s improved functionality in batch processing and automatic face finder, it speeds up your work flow so you can offer perfectly edited images at the venue, on the day.

You could make a slideshow of the photographs from the morning’s events, to be shown during the reception dinner. All you need is a brief interlude during the day where you or your assistant can batch process your morning’s work in your portrait retouching software, and you can ensure that everyone will enjoy recalling the morning’s special events. Your photography software can make sure that everyone looks great, even on a big screen. The bride and groom will love to see their special moments, while they still have all their wedding guests around them, and it’s a good conversation starter for the guests too.

Get connected on Social Media

Everyone at an important social event such as a wedding wants to update their photos on social media straightaway, and you can give them a fantastic retouched image to take away with them. You can email the picture to them instantly, ensuring that they have something good to use on their social media pages. It’s great advertising for your business and it gets you connected on social media sites.

Your portrait editing won’t take you very much time, but will add value for your clients and their special day. It’s professional standard portrait editing, but it takes very little effort and gives such great results, time after time.

Try out free retouching software today and see how easy it is.