Have you got some really good portrait photographs, where the lighting was a bit dark, or there are dark shadows on the subject? Maybe you didn’t get the flash just right, but you captured the moment anyway. Use photo retouching software to relight some of those faces and bring out their natural beauty.

Portrait Professional is really easy to use photo editing software that all the family can enjoy. If you have older digital photographs that you think a bit of retouching could improve, then Portrait Professional can help with this.

You can adjust the sliders on the skin lighting controls bar to increase the amount of light on the face. This can dramatically improve the whole picture and make your subject stand out more.

There is so much you can do with your portrait editing software; you can enhance highlights, including any you may have already added to the hair. You can increase the amount of contrast showing on the face, which can make a big difference. It can improve the skin tone and texture. It can make the person look more tanned and more radiant. You can increase the lighting on the face and remove any dark circles around the eyes. All of this enhances the face and makes the person look younger and healthier.

Another tool in the photo retouching software that can make a big difference to your darker photographs is to adjust the overall picture controls. The exposure slider can make the whole image much brighter, so if you forgot the flash, you can still brighten up the image and see that special moment.

These photo editing tools are really simple to use and all the family can have fun revisiting some happy memories.

Use Portrait Professional photo editing software to brighten up your older darker images. You might discover some really good pictures you thought you had lost.