Put your very nervous clients at ease; they can be safe in the knowledge that you have full control over the portrait editing process. Portrait Professional can eliminate the blemishes that your clients might like least about themselves.

They may be self-conscious about a particular aspect of their appearance, and you can reassure them, that a careful portrait editor can improve their appearance, whilst still keeping their true likeness.

When your subject is confident of the outcome of their session, they are going to relax and enjoy it more, and you will get happier poses naturally. Ensuring that the experience is fun is a good way to make sure that your clients come back to you, and that they will tell their friends and family about their great experiences.

Make it a fun activity for a child by keeping some toys and books near at hand. If they don’t want to cooperate, then don’t force them. Offer them a book or a toy instead, and when they are otherwise engaged, you can try clicking again. The toy makes an interesting prop and allows us to see the child interacting with their environment, which makes it a more interesting reminder of their childhood.

If you involve the child, and show them what their pictures look like on the screen, then they will see it as a fun activity and not something about which they should be shy or nervous. You could also show them how your photography editing software works. Children will find it fun to see your ‘behind the scenes work’, and Portrait Professional is so simple, it takes just a few mouse clicks to have something really effective.

Parents will equally be at their ease if you can assure them that their child will always look their best in your portraits. When you produce great portraits of their children, then they will be sure to come back the next time they want good portraits.

Portrait editing software can help all your nervous clients to have confidence in their portraits, whether they are adults or children.

See how Portrait Professional can help you improve your portraits of young people here and download your free trial here.