Mother's day is the perfect time to try out photo editing software, Portrait Professional. You can use it to create beautiful images for making homemade cards, to upload to a greetings card creator online, or to make a beautiful gift that your mother will love.

Find your best portrait photographs of a family group, and use Portrait Professional to carry out portrait retouching on all the faces.

A great new feature of Portrait Professional 11 is that it now automatically finds all the faces in a photograph, and allows you to retouch each family member individually.

You can carry out different portrait innovations on each face that the software finds in your photographs. If you prefer, you can always turn off the software's automatic face finding, and do it yourself. You will be able to mark the points that the software uses to automatically retouch faces. You can be confident that whatever way you use the software, you will always be able to get a perfect image.

Your Mom will love to receive a gift that has all of her loved ones looking their very best, and your portrait retouching software can help you do that perfectly.

Why not try retouching a good family portrait with your photo editing software and uploading it to a site that will create a print on canvas. Whether it is a canvas print to hang in her home, or a mouse mat that she can use every day, either at home or at work, she will love to see her family looking their very best.

Try out Portrait Professional for free today, and make your Mother's Day.