As a professional studio photographer, one of the things you have to keep doing is your own marketing. You need to keep making contacts and making customers happy so that they tell their friends about your studio, and what a great time they had.

Promotional materials and free gifts to clients are a great way to keep your business in their mind.

Use your portrait retouching software to ensure that every person in the images you use in your promotional materials looks the best they can.

There are many businesses who will design marketing materials for you, but you will want to showcase your own work in the images used in those materials. Portrait editing software can really enhance your images and make them look their very best.

Now portrait retouching is a service that you can offer at a very reasonable price, because Portrait Professional is such good value. Every one of your clients can have beautiful images, and the better they look in their photographs, the more prints you will sell.

Make sure that your website is set up to really show off your images, (don’t forget your watermark!) and your clients will be able to see easily which images they want to buy from you.

If you want to offer clients both an original and an ‘after portrait retouching’ version, you may be surprised how many will prefer the edited photographs.

You can offer small items using portrait retouching, as free gifts when a client spends a particular amount, and not only will you reach your target sales value, but they will feel good that they got something extra from you.

Try out Portrait Professional for free today and see how great your portraits can look.