You can use Portrait Professional photography software not only to retouch photos but also to add subtle hints of makeup to your photographs or to create dramatic beauty makeovers.

You might have a professional studio portrait where your client or model was wearing only the most natural makeup or a family photograph where the person was wearing none at all. If you want to enhance the makeup that they are already wearing, or make your own adjustments, then this portrait retouching software can help you do it.

Foundation or concealer didn't quite do the trick for your subject's skin, or is the skin looking rough because they are wearing none? Portrait Professional's skin smoothing controls will make the skin look flawless in an instant.

Lipstick can be added or enhanced by using the sliders to lighten or darken the lips, to saturate them, or to change the hue, making the lips look more vibrant, and to apply the most flattering color. You can moisten the lips and make it look like the person is wearing lip gloss.

You can use the skin coloring controls to enhance and add cheek coloring to add a little bit of blusher to your portraits.

The skin coloring controls can be used to give a natural glowing all-over tan too. Even in the depths of winter you can have a glowing and healthy tan in your photographs, without leaving the country or having all the mess of fake tanning products.

The Whiten Eyes, Brighten Eyes and Brighten Iris sliders will also enhance the person's eyes and make any real makeup the person is wearing stand out even more, along with all the other enhancements you add yourself. The sharpening sliders will enhance eye-lashes and mascara.

If you've used earlier versions of Portrait Professional, you will notice that the hair enhancements you can carry out have been improved and extended in version 11. There are now a wide range of real hair colors you can use and get great hair colors in just a few clicks, and you still have all the control you had before with the hair control sliders. Create salon-style hair without leaving your desk.

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