Always keep your shirt on at the beach because you don't want to get "sunburnt"?

I used to get sand kicked in my face when I was a 9-stone weakling. The last vacation I was trying to keep the sand off my 9lb ice-cream. I thought I looked pretty good in the mirror at the boardwalk till I saw kids pulling faces in all the other crazy mirrors. I needed smaller pictures than that to take with me. Luckily, Portrait Professional is always ready to save the situation.

I uploaded the photo, clicked on five facial points, moved the Jaw slider, and gone were a couple of pounds from my face! The Jaw slider sits under Show Face Sculpt Controls in Portrait Improving Sliders. The virtual liposuction took about 30 seconds and didn't hurt a tad.

I don't tan well, but nobody needs to know this. Nor will they ever find out after a few seconds with the Tan slider treatment. Tanning sessions can be had by clicking on the Tan slider under Show Skin Controls, 5-10 seconds is all that's needed.

Now when people ask to see my vacation photos, I'll proudly share those happy captured moments.