If you can shoot your portraits with longer lenses, you will give your subjects more room to breathe. You can step back, they will be more likely to act naturally, and you will be able to get better portraits. You don’t always have to be up close to get good portrait photographs. This is great for when you take a photo shoot on location. Photography editing software can ensure that your shots will always look great.

At a wedding, you can be unobtrusive, and capture those special moments, without being noticed.

Photographing seniors outdoors in an environment that is familiar to them is a great way to get them to relax and have fun. For shots in the distance, you will probably need to use a faster shutter speed, but you can be a bit more spontaneous and if you take lots of images, you know you will capture some great moments. Your portrait editing software can help fix any slight issues with the lighting of the subject, or the shadows on the face.

You could offer a deal for friends to have their Senior Portraits taken in a group, and then you can also photograph each person individually too. They will be having so much fun with their friends they will not be so nervous about having their picture taken. When you get groups of friends together, they have a natural chemistry that will show in your images.

You can calm anyone’s fears, by reminding them that you can carry out as much portrait retouching as they would like you to do. In High School Yearbook photos, everyone wants to look their best, as these are reminders of high school that everyone will keep for many years. They hold so many memories, and you can ensure that your clients will look back on their pictures and smile.

If you already use Photoshop to tweak your images, then as a Photoshop plugin, Portrait Professional will be easily added to your work flow.

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