Learning the rules of photography is important, so that you know when and how to break them. This week we're looking at leading lines in an image. Photo editing software can also help improve your images, but you need to know what you are doing with composition first.

Leading Lines and photo editing

Leading lines in photography is important because it draws the eye into the focal point of the image. They can be either straight or curved, sometimes spiraling, but drawing us in to what the photographer wants us to focus on.

It's a feature in all kinds of art, and even in architecture and design; parallel lines which appear to converge on the horizon line, lead us to focus on the item where the lines meet.

A common use of leading lines is often seen in an avenue of trees, where the road leads down the center, with the trees creating the lines that almost meet in the middle. Our eye is drawn to the end of the road.

The most famous view of the Taj Mahal follows these lines. The pillars and the reflecting pool create a natural focal point, and lead the viewer in to the mausoleum.

It's also true in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, leading up to the Washington Monument, and also from the other direction, the Lincoln Memorial itself.

There are many other reflecting pools and other constructions around the world, where the artist who has created it has thought about the leading lines, and how the viewer will see the structure. As photographers, this is very useful to help us in composing the images we take of these structures.

When you're photographing couples, either for engagement shoots or even for some wedding photos in a landscape, you still want the image to be technically correct. People viewing the pictures might not appreciate how much work you put in to the composition, but it will overall be a better picture.

How photography software can improve your images

If you didn't get your horizons quite straight, Smart Photo Editor has a tool for straightening the lines in your images. Either horizontal or vertical, you can straighten them, and make them more aesthetically pleasing. This is great for tidying up images of tall buildings.

If your images have people in them, then make sure that they look their best in your images, with portrait editing software Portrait Pro. You can enhance their hair, skin and features, and make sure they look their very best, and you will know that you have also created a really great image. For other rules of photography ideas, check out our previous blog posts including the Rule of thirds.

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