It’s Labor Day weekend, and it’s the official end of the summer, with ‘Back to School’ just around the corner. Why not plan something fun this weekend with your digital camera and your photo editing software? Here are some ideas.

Plan a ‘staycation’ with the family. With travel being so expensive this weekend, why not plan to stay at home? Use the holiday weekend to visit some land marks on your doorstep. You might not have been for years, but because it’s so near, you think you can always go. You could take the kids, and the camera, and capture some great Labor Day weekend memories for 2014. Use the extra day to do some photo editing when you’ve taken some great portraits of the family. Why not create a scrapbook page from your summer vacation?

Take a trip down memory lane. Why not get those old boxes of photographs out of the basement, and digitize your collection? If they’re scanned and saved, you will always have them to keep, and to look back. Perhaps you could use your photo editing software to tidy up some old images, or add some creative effects?

It’s a great time to start to teach the kids about photography, if you’ve never shown them how your DSLR works, start this weekend. It’s a lifetime of fun and sometimes frustration, but most of all, satisfaction at being able to create great artwork.

For older children, you could give them the challenge of only photographing things that are red, or small things, or perhaps there has to be a person in every image. It’s a great way to inspire creativity, because in order to take the shot, you have to think carefully, to be sure that it meets the specified criteria. It’s a useful challenge for kids and adults too.

If the weather’s looking stormy, then it’s time to take a break from taking photos, and use your photo editing software to make your great shots even better. It’s hours of fun, and because photo editing software PortraitPro and Smart Photo Editor are both so easy to use, then all the family can join in.

And if that’s not enough excitement for one weekend, then why not check out the great deals on Anthropics’ software PortraitPro 12, or Smart Photo Editor?

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